• We know that we can’t improve some feet fruit of evolution. Go barefoot or use minimalist shoes

    At Sílex we work for your feet, for you, creating minimalist footwear that respects your anatomy and gives you the freedom you deserve.

  • Benefits of minimalist footwear

    Lower energy expenditure, greater strengthening of the muscles of the foot and leg, less pressure and friction, greater development of the proprioceptive system, less compensatory movements.

  • Characteristics

    Fine sole, without cushioning and with drop 0 or minimum. Wide last in the front area that allows free movement of the fingers and does not compress them. Flexibility and Lightness.

  • Minimalism

    The usual contemporary footwear creates a sobreportección that weakens the foot and numbs its operation. Maybe it's time you release them.

  • If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together. Do you come?

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  • Why minimalism: And why not?
    Maybe that should be the question.

    The foot evolved to support the weight of our body in bipedal position, both static and moving. It is a complex system of bones, muscles and tendons prepared specifically for this function